How to wear high heels with flat feet or with bunion

How to wear high heels with flat feet

Not to make you feel bad but better because I have flat feet and I can’t do anything about it! All I can say is, that it is amazing the way they look and all you need is the proper shoes and the support to run the world. Girls!

The moment you wear the high heels, you can see that there is no gap between the center of your feet and the sole of the shoes. I think this causes the discomfort the most.

Let’s tackle this!

We can try some exercises to add some curve to our flat feet. Like, as soon as you come home from work, sit on a chair. Take golf balls and place under your feet. Start rolling them. Do it for 3-4 minutes daily. This will surely loosen up the feet muscles and aid in walking in heels easier. But this is a way where you need a lot of patience and continuous practice.

Let’s follow my way!

Get one of these!! These are the cushions/support for your feet.  The complete Bunion Relief set.

The 18 piece set consists of

4 BUNION PADS, 4 TOE STRAIGHTENERS, 2 TOE SEPARATORS & 2 TAILORS BUNION PAD: alignment- Toe Separators and Bunion Pads work alignment by increasing the space between big toe and second toe without any irritation or friction in shoes. Guaranteed to instantly reduce bunion and tailor’s bunion pain. We have included 2 Sport Shield Spacers and 2 Sports Toe Straighteners, especially for sports lovers.

2 BUNION SPLINTS, 2 BUNION BOOTIES & 2 BUNION PAD COMBO: – Bunion Splints are designed to stay in place during sleep, giving you relief all night long. Bunion Booties have squishy gel pad perfectly positioned to provide relief exactly where bunion pain starts. 2in1 Bunion Pads provides relief from both regular bunions and tailor’s bunion at the same time!

You can get them at Amazon for $20

Though 18 piece set is not necessary but buying this set saves a lot of money than buying individually. I use the ones which support my toes, the toe separators which creates a support to my big thumb makes my feet so comfortable while I wear pumps. The BUNIONS are not easy to handle but they can be treated or can be made less painful. The gel cushions are my go to when I wear sandals as they are not visible but provides the super smooth cushion to the feet. Overall, I love love this set. Though I don’t use all of them but there are some of my very favorite ones.

More pictures of the product



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