Warning – These Foods And Drinks Can Ruin Your Smile!

Warning – These Foods And Drinks Can Ruin Your Smile!

How healthy is your diet? Plenty of us do our best to make sure we eat fruit and vegetables every day. And many of us choose the diet sodas over the sugary drinks we find in the fridge. Sure, we all love the odd cake or candy. But are these the only kinds of foods that might be harming our health? Unfortunately, some of our so-called healthy choices could be causing damage to our health in ways we haven’t considered.

Smiling is a natural expression of happiness. But if your teeth look bad, or your breath smells bad, chances are you’ll avoid flashing a toothy grin. There are many reasons why teeth can turn yellow, or why bad breath keeps plaguing you. Potentially, what you’re eating and drinking could be to blame!

Warning - These Foods And Drinks Can Ruin Your Smile!

Warning – These Foods And Drinks Can Ruin Your Smile!

We all love coffee. It gives us that well-earned break and pick-me-up. It helps us focus, and it’s a great way to enjoy a social occasion. Best of all, it’s calorie and fat-free before you put in sugar, cream, or syrup. But that hot cup of lovely is one of the worst culprits when it comes to your yellowed teeth. If you love coffee, try using a stain preventer toothpaste. Simply rinsing with water after drinking can help too.

Stains from red wine, teas, chocolate, and other colored foods can be a huge problem. Fortunately, there are stain removers available that can reverse the problem. You can find the best teeth whitening strips for you by shopping online. There are also whitening pastes, gels, and professional bleachers that may work.

Warning - These Foods And Drinks Can Ruin Your Smile!

Warning – These Foods And Drinks Can Ruin Your Smile!

Acidic fruits can damage your enamel! Apples and blueberries maybe on the superfoods list, but be wary of the problems your teeth may suffer. It’s thought that drinking the juice could be more harmful than eating the whole fruit. And using a straw that stays in contact with the tooth could be even worse!

Meat, especially red meats like beef and lamb, can get trapped between your teeth. Unless you floss after, you may be at risk of harmful bacteria building up under the gums. This will smell awful after just a few hours. But it’s the decay of your teeth you need to be most wary of. This can require fillings and even tooth removal if things get serious enough.

Did you know that fizzy spring water can damage your teeth? Anything carbonated can erode the enamel of your teeth, leaving microscopic holes. This can include diet sodas too. So if all those healthy foods and drinks can damage the teeth, what should we be eating?

It’s a good idea to continue eating a varied and healthy diet. After all, your entire body needs the nutrients that good foods offer. And enjoying a little treat now and then is good for the soul! You don’t need to give up the coffee or the odd roast dinner. But you may want to consider enhancing your oral health care. Using an interdental brush between meals can keep gums healthy. And visiting your dentist regularly will ensure your teeth are in perfect health.


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