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Two Sided Swivel Makeup mirror from #Oakleaf

Two-Sided Swivel Makeup mirror from #Oakleaf

I have always wanted to own a makeup mirror that stands right in front of me and on my vanity table. This mirror is just what you can think of.

Two sided swivel makeup mirror from oakleaf
Two sided swivel makeup mirror from oakleaf

Price: $13.99 and you can get it on Amazon

My Take on this makeup mirror from Oakleaf:
I have too many good things to say about this vanity table makeup mirror. This mirror can be used both ways. It is really useful when you are doing your eye makeup or if you are plucking your eyebrows or upper lip hair. This is made of steel and it looks sturdy. It is all shiny and silvery that it makes my vanity table look stylish and classy.
The mirror comes in various parts and you need to assemble the stuff. There are steps given but I felt no need of reading the manual as it was quite easy for me to attach them all together.