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Top Plastic Surgery Myths Busted

Top Plastic Surgery Myths Busted

We’ve all heard the plastic surgery horror stories. The botched jobs when it goes wrong. But what about the millions of operations that are performed by talented and qualified surgeons that go right? Are you letting cosmetic surgery myths stop you from getting the body that you want?

Top Plastic Surgery Myths - Busted!
Top Plastic Surgery Myths – Busted!

Myth 1 – Plastic Surgery Costs Too Much Money

The cost of plastic surgery is something that you will need to consider. It is a fact that plastic surgery costs have reduced since 1997. This reduction is due to breakthroughs in the field including keyhole surgery and the rise of less invasive procedures such as Botox.
On a personal level, you will need to weigh up your finances carefully. Investigate whether you will need to pay for the operation outright before the procedure. Some providers offer a payment plan. The important issue here is that whether the cost measures up against the benefit of the procedure. If you are unsure, try making a table like this to clarify your thoughts.
Myth 2 – Plastic Surgery Means I’m Vain

Cosmetic surgery is not all about looks. As anyone who has ever dieted to feel confident in a swimsuit knows, a physical change to your appearance can make a big change to how we feel about ourselves. This shift can snowball improving our overall confidence, even down to the way in which we carry ourselves and relate to other people. Yes, cosmetic surgery is a physical procedure, but the effects are emotional and psychological too. For some, the benefits of cosmetic surgery include the courage to live the life they have been missing out on.

Myth 3 – Plastic Surgery Takes Ages To Recover

Of course, recovery time is something to think seriously about when considering a cosmetic procedure. You’ll need to make sure you can get the time off work and that your other responsibilities are covered for a while. The good news is that recovery time might not be as long as you think. You could be back to work, after most procedures after two weeks. Of course, your full recovery time may be a bit longer, with facial, abdominal and nose surgeries taking up to twelve weeks. It is vital to keep all your follow-up appointments, get your dressing changed and not to exercise until advised to by your doctor.

Myth 4 – Plastic Surgery might end up worse than when I started

The media portrayal of plastic surgery as a risky procedure is unfair. Of course, all surgical procedures carry with them a small risk. But using a well-qualified and trusted surgeon can ensure that any risks are both explained to you and are kept to an absolute minimum.

Scars are also a concern for many people before they undergo plastic surgery. Remember, though, cosmetic surgeons are aware of how things look. They and will go out of their way to minimize and hide any scars necessary for the surgery. If you are left with a small amount of scarring after the healing period, you can use camouflage makeup to cover it.