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Throw Your Bestie A Hen Party to Remember!

Your best friend or close family member getting married is always an exciting time. And as designated maid of honour, you’re responsible for a lot of important decisions. One of the more fun being the hen party! After a long process of wedding planning and finalising important details, the hen party is a chance to let your hair down Here are some of the details to bear in mind when you’re putting it all together so that it runs smoothly and your whole group has a day or night to remember!


Decide On The Kind of Party

What kind of party do you want to throw? If you have lots of pregnant ladies in your group or people that don’t drink, something like an elegant afternoon tea or a spa day might suit you well. If you want to go for something a bit boozier, how about a night on the town or hiring a party bus? Another good option is throwing a party, whether it’s at home or a venue. This allows you to customise the event to whatever you want. You could set a theme and make it a fun fancy dress party. You could make it a glamorous cocktail dress affair, or something a little more laid back and relaxed. For something different still, how about an adventure day or weekend? These are often popular for stag nights but why should the boys have all the fun. Adult sized inflatables, paintballing and giant games are all the kinds of activities you could do with your group. If you’re on less of a budget, a hen weekend or holiday could also make a good choice. Ask the bride questions and also get input from those who are attending to find out what they would like and what would be realistic for them both practically and financially.

Let People Know

Of course, when it comes to weddings you have invitations, save the date wedding cards and other means of formal communication. When it comes to the hen party, you can keep it much more casual. You could set up a group on social media and add people; you could send e-vites or even just over the phone. But deciding on a date and letting people know as early as possible will give people chance to make childcare plans, save money if needed and you’ll be less likely to get no-shows.

Plan Plan Plan

For things to run smoothly, it’s important to plan everything carefully. If you’re going somewhere you’ve never been, whether it’s a venue, city or destination be sure to do your research. Print a map or save it to your phone, write down any important phone numbers or details, ask about any specific dietary requirements if anyone who’s attending has them. Even searching the venue on Google street maps so you know where it is and where the entrance is etc. is useful if you can’t visit in person beforehand. It just saves you from having to mess around on the day.


Buy Decorations

Your decorations will depend on the type of event you’re having. If it’s something a bit more fun and garish then pink feather boas, L plates, tiaras, and sashes are all commonly worn and are ideal for a night out or party setting. You can buy them cheaply online or places like pound shops in the party section. If you’re throwing a fancy dress party, you’ll need decorations to match the theme, or if you’re having a weekend away or holiday you might want some personalised t-shirts made up. You can make the event personal by displaying pictures of the bride to be when she was young, as well as other funny pictures from over the years, scour her social sites or speak to her parents to get your hands on these! You can buy cheap frames from places like Ikea or even create a collage in a large frame and get people in the hen group to sign it. It helps to show that the event is all about her and isn’t just another party or night out.

Arrange Transport

Unique transport is a great way to take the hen party to the next level, so it stands out as more than just a regular night out! You could hire a limo, a bright pink tacky one or a hummer limo would make the perfect addition to some types hen parties! You could hire a party bus to take you from place to place or keep it simple with a minibus. Either way, a mode of transport to get everyone to and from the event is an important element so be sure to work this into your budget.


And most importantly, stay calm and show off your beautiful smile 🙂 🙂