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Subtle Summer Makeup Looks – Makeup Tips

Subtle Summer Makeup Looks – Makeup Tips

During the Summer months, you can get hot and sweaty. So makeup can seem one of the last things that you want to apply. But summer makeup looks are here and I am all about bright makeup. Even though a lot of women see makeup as an enhancement to their look, it just never seems to mix well with humidity and heat. However, I am here to tell you that you can create the perfect subtle summer look. There are some best-kept secrets to achieving this.

easy summer makeup looks

Take care of your skin

During the Summer you are less likely to apply a thick foundation, so you need to take care of your skin. One way to do this would be to consider your skincare routine. You may want to change your daily cleanser for something new. Or invest in a new moisturizer. It would be advisable to speak to the beauty counters and try a few samples out before committing. Some skin care products can be expensive, so you want to make sure you have made the right choice. Also, if you increase the amount of water you drink this can have a great effect on how your skin looks. Hydrating your body can help plump up your skin and give it a healthy glow.

BB Cream is an essential

In the Summer, we are less likely to turn to out “go to” foundation and more likely to go it without anything on. When it comes to our faces anyway. But this can mean our skin tone can look uneven in places. The secret to a flawless looking skin in the Summer is BB Cream. A good BB Cream has an added SPF protection as well as having the power to even skin tone and cover up blemishes. The only downside to this is that sometimes it won’t last all day, but it’s great for Summer and perfects to create a great Summer makeup.

Use a good highlighter

Highlighting your features is just as important during the Summer as it is in Winter. A decent highlighter will enhance your features in all the right places and also give your skin that dewy look. Some people just stick to their cheeks but a great place to add it is under your brow line. This will enhance your eyes. Most of the time in Summer you may not wear eyeliner or eyeshadow, so a bit of highlighter can add a subtle look.

easy summer makeup looks

Let your lashes do the talking

Your eyelashes can be a real statement of your makeup look. You can add some false lashes if you aren’t keen on applying mascara in the heat. Long flirtatious lashes are a great Summer look and will compliment your facial features. There are many ways you can recreate this look. One way would be to invest in a decent mascara that specializes in lengthening and volumizing. It may be beneficial if you had a waterproof mascara as well. This will avoid any panda eyes situation.

A vibrant lipstick is all you need

As you don’t have much color on your face when it comes to the overall look on your face, you can go all out on your lipstick or lipgloss. This will be the main feature of your look. A bright pink could be an obvious choice, just like a chic red would give you the wow factor. A great tip would be to buy a lip liner in the same color as your lipstick. This means you can line your lips to get a more clean finish. You will find it is then much easier to apply lipstick, and it won’t smudge into your face. You can get some great products online from websites.

Let’s get rosy

Another great way to finish off your summer makeup look would be to add a bit of blush to your cheeks. As you have gone for the more natural look, you will find a nice rosy pink blush would work well. You don’t want to apply too much blush as this will spoil your overall look.

Why not give contouring a try

You might want to consider trying out contouring. This is a real big trend amongst many celebrities including Kim Kardashian. What it does is enhances your cheekbones. This means that you don’t have to have applied much makeup elsewhere as your overall look will be doing all of the talking. There are plenty of ways you can learn how to contour and achieve simple summer makeup look.

I hope this guide will help you create the perfect look for Summer. It’s all down to less being more in the warmer months. With a few statements here and there you are sure to turn heads with your subtle summer look.

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