A Step By Step Guide To The Perfect Engagement Ring

A Step By Step Guide To The Perfect Engagement Ring

A perfect engagement ring is all you need to let your lover know how much you love them. Whether you’re a guy looking to buy your other half a breathtaking ring, or a fiance who has been allowed to buy her own, this step by step guide can help you. Read on to find how to purchase the perfect engagement ring. There are bound to be a few steps you can use at least!

Step 1 – Pay Attention To Other Jewelry
The engagement ring needs to blend in perfectly with the other pieces of jewelry that are regularly worn. If it doesn’t, then it probably won’t go down well. If you’re a guy choosing the ring, make sure you do some detective work when it comes to what your other half wears most of the time. You should get some clues and ideas this way.

Step 2 – Take Personality Into Account
The personality of yourself/ another half should be taken into account when picking a ring. If you’re really wacky and love ‘out there’ things, a plain old ring probably won’t make you happy in the long run. Think of the words you’d use to describe yourself/your partner and then try to find a ring that fits that description nicely.

A Step By Step Guide To The Perfect Engagement Ring
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Step 3 – Consider Forever

This ring is one of the only things that will be carried forever through life. Everything else fades, loses its novelty, gets sold – whatever. This ring won’t. It’ll also likely be passed down, so make sure it’s worth becoming an heirloom!

Step 4 – Do Your Research On Retailers And Suppliers
Making sure you’ve done extensive research on retailers and suppliers will ensure you get your ring from the most reliable source. Some jewelers will be more happy to help than others. You may also find it helpful to design your own ring if there’s nothing that really fits you. It probably isn’t as expensive as you think, you just need to find the right supplier. You can always shop online but read this before doing so.

Step 5 – Get A Second Opinion

If you’re unsure, then it’s always helpful to get a second opinion. If you’re picking a ring by yourself, you could ask a family member to go shopping with you to help you choose the ring. There are a plethora of helpful things out there for you.

A Step By Step Guide To The Perfect Engagement Ring
A Step By Step Guide To The Perfect Engagement Ring picture

Step 6 – Be Prepared To Fork Out
The perfect engagement ring probably won’t be cheap. You want to get something that is going to stand the test of time and be of a high quality, and that, is going to cost money. Be prepared to fork out for something incredible. As long as you make sure it’s worth it!

Step 7 – Bite The Bullet
In the end, you just have to bite the bullet and make a decision. Indecision can be crippling. I’ll give you another tip too – if you’re buying this for your other half, treat her to having her nails done beforehand. She might be confused, but she’ll love you when she can take beautiful pictures of her new ring!