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Smile: It’s Good For You!

Smile: It’s Good For You!

Whether it is hitting the snooze button one last time before getting out and ready for work, or acting as that alarm clock to wake members of the family, it can be hard to smile about that kind of thing. Early in the morning, it is going to be one of the last things on your mind. But there are many reasons why we should be smiling as part of our morning routine. It has even been found to be good for us! So here are some reasons to smile each and every day.

Smile: It's Good For You!
 image Smile: It’s Good For You!

Reduce Stress

Whatever stage of life you’re in, we all have things that can overwhelm or stress us. Whether it is work meetings, college deadlines or the commitments of family life. When we do too much and relax too little, it can send our stress hormones skyrocketing! So when you’re getting ready, think about smiling. After you’ve brushed your teeth, give yourself a big smile in the mirror. It can steady your heart rate and give you some much needed happy hormones.

Be Approachable

In any walk of life, having a happy and friendly face is going to be much more desired than someone with permanent resting bitch face. Say you’re going for a job interview, though. Smiling as you shake the interviewer by the hand can make all of the difference. The same goes for headshots or profile photos; switch out the suck face for a smile and you’ll look better, happier, and more approachable.

Show You Take Care Of Yourself

People might not like to smile because they don’t like their teeth. They might be a little crooked or stained yellow. But if you have a good dental routine in place, then show off those pearly white assets of yours. It shows that you take care of yourself and place health as a priority in your life when you show off some well looked after teeth. If you’re not quite there yet, then it is time to make a change. Perhaps you could be looking at more regular visits to your dentist, teeth whitening or at getting some new Cerec Crowns – crowns with high durability that will last for a long time. Just a few small changes and you can be smiling with pride.

Boost Your Immunity

Sometimes you can be surprised what people test to find things out. But a study done by the University of California found that if you wake up feeling a little worse for wear or feel like a headache is coming on, then smiling was found to reduce your perception of the pain by up to forty percent. The smiles don’t even have to be genuine either, though I’m sure it helps. Smiling can also increase the illness fighting cells in your blood by around eight percent. So if you feel a cold or a sore throat coming on when you wake up, don’t feel sorry for yourself. Smile your way back to feeling well. Positive mind and positive body.