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Quick Update – My Skin & Hair

Update on my current skin and hair

This is like a quick update on my current situation with my hair and skin. Most of you know that I have dry combination skin and my hair is fine with an oily scalp. But, can you believe that I had normal hair with super oily skin some time back? Well, yes. 

Quick Update on my Skin & Hair
Quick Update on my Skin & Hair

I have moved to the US in Jan 2016. I am from south India and it took me a month to adjust to the cold weather of the Midwest. It’s been more than 2 years that I had my skincare and hair care products meant exclusively for dry skin. Now, as a shocker – I am finding my skin to be really oily. I even started getting a pimple on my chin. Frankly, it has been a while that I had acne that it feels really painful to have one now. My hair used to survive whole 3 days without hair wash but now it’s just one day. I will have to wash my hair every alternate day – dry shampoo isn’t working anymore. 

Yesterday, in my shower I was lost in thoughts on how my skin has turned oily so suddenly. Trust me, this has been in my head for over 3 days. I was obsessed with my changing skin and wasn’t ready to get new products again. 

The culprit – medication

I was on medications the moment I landed here in the US and it’s related to hormones. It took a toll on my skin-made it dry, very sensitive to sun etc. It’s been a month that I stopped taking the medication and now the skin is transitioning back to its old form. Oily – acne prone along with super greasy hair. 

I know what to change in my routine but I am feeling terribly sad for the new repurchases that I made which meant to work only for the dry skin. 

I know it is very trivial but changing routines so suddenly without any reason made me crazy. But, now that I know what caused the difference, I am glad that my skin is back to oily  – how much I missed the clay masks and the oily natural glow 😀

Please don’t be surprised if I review any Acne/Oily skin related products from now.