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How To Overcome The Chaos That Comes With Oily Skin

How To Overcome The Chaos That Comes With Oily Skin

Every skin type has its woes, but in general, when you suffer from the oily skin is can often feel like the worst. This skin type can be hard to manage. It does get easier with time and knowledge, but when you’re not sure how to tackle the hassles of oily skin, it can feel like chaos. You can often feel shiny all day long and forget about makeup that stays in place. By the time you’ve got to work, it’s almost all gone! But, there are a few ways that you can learn to manage it. If you want to calm your chaotic oily skin, here’s what to do.

How To Overcome The Chaos That Comes With Oily Skin
How To Overcome The Chaos That Comes With Oily Skin

Deep Cleanse

The most important step for oily skin is often cleansing. Now, it’s important to clean your skin regardless of your skin type, but when you’re oily, it’s essential. You need to be able to remove the excess oils from your skin twice a day. With oily skin, you can often suffer from build up, and dead skin cells can often lead to blocked pores, so making sure that you remove your makeup and any excess build up with a deep cleanse is the vital first step.

Exfoliate Often

You should also look to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. Plus, when you exfoliate, you get to have a good pamper while you’re at it. For oily skin, cleansing isn’t always enough. So, you need to be able to exfoliate a few times a week. This will remove dead skin cells, unblock your pores and also give you back a bit of radiance. It’s definitely a must-do step in any oily skin care regime.

Moisturize Well

The next step would be to moisturize. Now, we all know that this is an important one. If you want your skin to stay healthy and youthful, you have to focus on hydration. And oily skin is no exception. You can feel like heavy moisturizers clog your skin, so speak to a specialist to find the right consistency that will keep your hydrated, but not feels too much.

Unblock Often

Another key step for oily skin is to work on your pores. When your skin is oily, it’s often also blemished one. But if you want to counteract the usual process and keep pimples at bay, you need to keep your pores clean and clear. So use a product like the cosrx pimple pad to gently wipe out excess oil on a regular basis. By keeping your oil at bay, you should then be able to avoid regular breakouts.

Use Oils

You can often feel like you should stay away from oils when you have oily skin. But that is just a myth. In fact, oily skin needs oil as much as anyone else. You can often find that your skin produces too much oil as it feels like it needs it. So using oils is one way to keep your skin healthy and actually work to reduce the oil production in your skin too.