3 New Things About Me – Bullet Journal, Snacking, Oilyskin

3 New Things About Me -Bullet Journal, Snacking, Oily Skin

I wanted this blog post to go live in the first week of May. Ok, I started it on 1st of May and I got so busy that I never had a chance to post it. I have decided upon taking up 3 new things this May. I want to focus on myself and I want to be happy on the inside and as well as the outside. Did I tell you? I am fostering my friend’s dog.I just love dogs and I can’t imagine my life without them. He was not a baby but a grown up. Finding the right products was super difficult for me. I am glad that I found this website, Dog Product Picker which made my life a lot easier. Also, I can’t stress enough why anyone with a pet must have a Playpen in their home/apartment. A bad weather can ruin the usual dog walk but you can always entertain him and do the workout with the use of a playpen.

Anyway, I get carried away with the topic of pets and especially dogs. Sorry.. Let me go on with my blog post.

So, here are the 3 new things about me.


I decided to track everything – ranging from my diet, weight, habit and everything else. For this, I wanted to start a bullet journal. I know, it is very different from what I have done in the past. I used to write a diary as a kid, but as I grew older, I ended up not continuing that habit.

Well, here I am, going back to my childhood with this.


It has become my new addiction and I can’t stop thinking of anything else. I have bought few notebooks from Michaels and stationary from Staples and I am set. LOL! I don’t about you, but I feel great writing something new every day and having a habit of writing my goals. My goals include but not limited to sleep hours tracking, workout, eating out or cooking at home etc. I will try to post more on my bullet journal later.

A bullet journal is never complete without a set of nice pens like these Dual Tip Brush Pens


I feel that I am not really taking care of my skin as much as I want to. Blame my job or my daily chores; I am being tired than usual. My bed has become more precious to me than the glow serums or the 10-step skin care. I think I have followed my night time skincare routine just once in May – pathetic of me. I want to change it. Currently, I love the combination of Neutrogena and The Ordinary products – more on that later. I have oily skin and I am finding it very difficult to take care of it as the temperature here in midwest is humid. It turns super oily and I get pimples more often than ever. I have to take care of that as well.


I have started working out – at least 5 times a week. I have joined the fitness club at work where a group of my colleagues challenges themselves with certain fitness goals. This month’s challenge is the 10K steps a day. I am making sure to track this and since, I am anyway interested in losing some extra pounds for summer, I have started working out big-time. The workout allows me to eat almost anything I want as I am more concerned about working out than dieting. Being a South-Indian, I love rice and I have started cutting down on the amount of rice I eat in the dinner. Also, as soon as I reach home from work, I crave for snacks and buying them every time I go out is a pain. But, I am currently aiming at using the option of healthy snacks. It sounded as fun to me as I get to try new snacks every time and my cravings will be satisfied too.

I will try to post another blog post at the end of the month to see if I stuck by my new things.