Learning To Smile At What You See In The Mirror

Every single person reading this has felt self-conscious at least once when they’ve looked in the mirror. It’s only human to feel that way from time to time. Even if other people compliment you on aspects of your appearance, you see flaws in the mirror that nobody else sees. You see flaws that might not even be real flaws but it’s hard to tell when you’re so self-critical.

Of course, you don’t have to criticize yourself 24/7. Believe it or not, everybody is capable of finding a way of having a healthy relationship with their appearance. If you’re tired of feeling grumpy every time you catch your reflection then the following pieces of advice might just change your attitude. It’s time to learn to smile at what you see in the mirror.

Learning To Smile At What You See In The Mirror

Learning To Smile At What You See In The Mirror

Your wardrobe

This might seem like an unexpected place to begin but the things you wear have a big effect on your appearance. If you’re feeling uninspired by your current look then you might simply have a problem with your wardrobe rather than your natural appearance. You need to focus on clothes which suit not only your fashion preferences but also your body shape.

Learning To Smile At What You See In The Mirror

Learning To Smile At What You See In The Mirror

Remember, you don’t have to be the same size as models. There is no perfect size, regardless of what magazines might say. You only need to wear clothes which fit. That’s the core secret to good fashion. You could check out sites such as https://shopthemasonjar.com to have a look through an extensive range of options for women of all sizes. The point is that you should strive to change your wardrobe before you change your body.

Your face

Wearing makeup isn’t a sin but you might find that you feel happier with your skin if you give your face a break now and again from wearing makeup. As explained over at https://www.psychologytoday.com, many skin blemishes actually start as a result of makeup. Ironically, this starts a cycle of wearing more makeup to conceal the original blemishes. If you just finding a healthy balance of only wearing makeup on occasion, however, then you might find that you’re much happier with the appearance of your face.

Learning To Smile At What You See In The Mirror

Learning To Smile At What You See In The Mirror

Your mindset

Let’s finish on the biggest thing you need to fix: your mindset. At the end of the day, feeling happy with your appearance is all about working through the reasons floating around your head as to why you’re not happy with the way you look. You know that other people think you look good, so why don’t you think that? At the end of the day, all that matters is whether you’re happy with your own appearance, so it’s important to work towards finding a solution that you can make you confident and happy about the way you look.

We’ve given some good tips on this topic before. You should simply start to practice positive thinking. Every day, set yourself the task of finding at least one positive thing you can say about your own appearance. It might be something relatively small such as “my hair looks good today” but you’ll be amazed by how much this type of thinking can change your overall mindset. You might find that you’re complimenting yourself without thinking about it in no time. And soon you’ll be smiling in the mirror in the morning every when you’ve only just woken up and you’re looking rough.


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