Kryolan Professional, Makeup, Product Review

Kryolan Professional Lipstick in LC189-Review-Swatches

Kryolan Lipstick in LC189-Review-Swatches

One good thing about living in Mumbai, India is that we get access to almost all the major brands in Makeup and Fashion. Let me not talk about Fashion as I am planning to write about my experience in another post. But as of now, I would like to throw light on my very first KRYOLAN Lipstick! I was super excited about visiting the flagship store of Kryolan in Bandra, Mumbai.
First of all, I would like to thank Jason Arland, the MUA at Kryolan. He made the whole experience more enjoyable and great. Search for him on Instagram, I am sure you will love his work!


About the Kryolan Lipstick:
Lipstick with a long-proven formulation, including Vitamin E to stimulate the skin’s repair mechanism. Lipstick Classic produces a matt impression and is known for its good durability. ECARF certified.
INR 300 for 4gm



The Kryolan Lipstick comes in an elegant plastic metal square case. The package totally stands out in my lipstick collection. However, I am not a fan of lipsticks that have numbers. Kryolan please name your lipsticks not number them.


Take any lip color and add Supracolor 070 for a softer effect, or apply Supracolor 071 to red lips to create a burgundy look. These classics can also be used on cheeks as a blusher.


My take on Kryolan Professional Lipstick in LC189

As soon as I have tested few shades, I know I am going to pick few more just for their amazing color payoff. But one thing totally stopped me. ie the smell. The smell is so so weird that I cannot really explain. Later, I was told that the Kryolan Lipsticks do not contain any artificial scent and that’s just the natural formula of the lipstick.


But the good thing is the smell goes off after sometime when you apply it to your lips. The ingredients do tell us that Kryolan guys are transparent to let us know what is getting into their lipsticks. The lipstick in the bullet is a very bright shade of pinky coral but when applied it settles as a very nice warm pink. I am dusky and this lipstick totally compliments my skin tone.

The Finish & Longevity:

It seems like a satiny finish but later it turns matte. The Kryolan Lipsticks are known for their long staying power. LC 189 stays on my super dry lips for 4 hours with light snacks and drinks. This particular Kryolan Lipstick in LC 189 is absolutely a gorgeous shade to try. However, if you are not into bright pink lips you can always use this as a lip tint and it works great. I have tried it as a cheek stain and still, the same gorgeousness is carried by the Kryolan Lipsticks.

I am sure I am getting at least 3 more shades from Kryolan. For the price we pay, we get the best quality along with a good quantity. I am sure that Kryolan Lipstick comes at least 1 year for me before getting bored 😀

1. Amazing Color payoff.
2. Super Affordable.
3. Gorgeous Package.
4. The shelf life of 2 years.
5. Too many shades to choose from.
1. Availability is a major con.
Product Rating:

KRYOLAN Professional Lipsticks are one set of lipsticks that are way too gorgeous to carry around apart from the amazing color payoff and color shades! If you can get hold of these, please do! I am sure you won’t regret. For 300 INR, the Kryolan Lipsticks are a total STEAL! 

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