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It is BTS era! Happy 3rd Anniversary BTS(Bangtan) #3YearswithBTS

I have never imagined that one day, I would forget every damn thing in the world and just smile by looking at a boy-band. They are dorks. They are insane. They are BTS ( Bangtan Boys).

I was not into K-POP before and the only K-POP group I heard of was Super Junior. But one day, I came across a video where a person was blamed for his handsomeness and was threatened to sue him just because he is cute 😛 Click to witness 😀


That’s how Suga became my bias <3 My search for Suga and BTS continued and I started to watch their Music Videos, Bangtan Bombs and Tweets and everything remains history.

So, this was the day when BTS debuted with “2 Cool 4 Skool” 3 years ago. I still regret the fact that I was not there since the beginning but I promise you boys, I will be there forever and ever to support you.

You guys are growing and I want you to be happy always <3 You are always our #1. BTS Fighting!!


bts_3 years_kpop



A proud Army Noona <3