How to Shape Your Eyebrows in 4 Easy Steps

How to Shape Your Eyebrows at Home in 4 Easy Steps

It is really important to have a perfectly groomed brows. It can make you look younger and energetic. But going to stylist, waiting for long time and end spending up heavy bucks.That i suppose is not a experience we all want !!
We at Perks of Beauty have summarized the whole process into four easy steps of how to decide arcs and lengths.Now you can give your eyebrow stylist a break. Or at least you can visit her less frequently to help you shape your eyebrows at home easily and efficiently.
How to decide arcs and lengths


The starting point of your brow should be away from line A (towards line B) but very close to line A or lying on it. Our model here starts it from the line.
Line joining outside of your nose and pupil of the eye tells the placement of the arc(Line B). Point where the line B meets the browline is the point of arc. In some cases, we may not even have arcs. but a straight brow. This is an individual choice based on kind of growth you have.(Most of the Asian girls have this kind of straight eyebrows)
Also this is the point where tapering can start but very slowly. Line joining outside of your nose and outside corner of your eye (line C) tells the end point. Point where the line C meets the browline is where the arc should taper off.
Finally you should check the accuracy of your job with joining the end point and starting point. This should be a horizontal line.
How to decide thickness of the brow:
The thickness of your eyebrows is a personal decision that should be influenced by the following factors:
Size of your eyes:
For big eyes, thick brows can be really helpful for a balance. For small eyes, a thinner one works so that it does not overshadow the eye.
Lip size:
A good ballpark number of what the thickness should be judged as size of your upper lip.

Brow to eye distance:
If vertical brow to eye distance is really less, it is suggested to tweeze hair from below to lighten up the area. If you have large brow to eye distance, heavier brows can work for you.

Personal Style:
Sometimes thick eye brows are in style and sometimes thin. In 70’s only brooming was the fashion but now trimming and styling is also followed. So it really depends. Keep reading perks of beauty to know the latest trend.

Lets meet our best friends in this exercise :


Tweezers: Grasp each hair firmly with the tweezers and pluck one at a time in the direction they grow. Start from inside edge, followed by areas around the arc and finally the bottom edges.
I hope now you girls have the armour and tips to win the brow battle.
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