How to Dress for Your Body Shape

How to Dress for Your Body Shape

When it comes to fashion, choosing clothes that fit properly and accentuate your positive features is half the battle. Once you have learned how to choose clothes that work for your body type, you can really get creative with fashion. Rather than focusing on your height or weight, you should focus more on your shape. Slender and curvier girls can have the same body shape, just as tall and short girls can.

How to Dress for Your Body Shape
source How to Dress for Your Body Shape

Of course, weight loss through exercise or liposuction can also make a difference to the type of clothes you feel comfortable in. But this article will just focus on how to choose the right ones for your overall body shape. We will split body shapes up into five general categories – you may think that you overlap on a couple of them, but this gives you a good overview to get started with.

Pear Body Shape

Kim Kardashian is probably the most famous woman to have a pear body shape. It is when the hips are wider than the shoulders. Aim to emphasize the waist and arms, while also adding volume to the upper body. Try out A-line skirts, as well as wide-hemmed trousers and dresses that balance out the hips. Also, try experimenting with light tops and dark bottoms to get some contrast going on here. Strapless dresses help to show off your arms, while the jackets you choose should hit above the waist.

Wedge Body Shape

The wedge body type is shaped like an inverted triangle and features a broad chest and wide shoulders, with a narrow waist and hips. Your legs are one of your best features, so you will want to be trying to accentuate your lower half when you can. Try wearing bright colors on your bottom half to do this or alternatively, go for some full skirts. If you have a tiny waist, you can show this off with a bold belt, while great arms and shoulders can be highlighted with a big statement necklace.

Rectangle Body Shape

The rectangle body shape involves the waist, hip and shoulder widths being similar. While both your arms and legs could be features that you are looking to accentuate. This kind of straight body type can be divided up by wearing belts that define the waist. Layering up on accessories and tops is an add-on.  Try creating some curves with a sweetheart neckline or a scoop neck. And if you are looking to show oww your legs, why not try a pencil skirt with a side split?

Apple Body Shape

The main traits of an apple body shape are that most of your weight is above your hips, which tend to be narrow. Your shoulders are broad and your legs are one of the key features that you will want to draw attention to. One of your other main goals will be to elongate your torso. Dresses which have necklines that elongate your figure like V-necks are a great starting point. A structured jacket with a dress is the perfect way to take attention away from your midsection. Monochromatic looks tend to be good ones to experiment with if you have this particular body shape.

Hourglass Body Shape

The hourglass body shape tends to be one that is spoken about a lot, and Beyonce is one of the most famous women to have this particular type. When the shoulders and hips are similar in proportion and are set off by a small waist. Your curves are certainly what you will want to be showing off if you have an hourglass figure! Accessorizing with belts is a great way to achieve this. A-line cut or wrap dresses are the perfect matches for this particular body shape. You will also want to showcase your bust with V-necks or sweetheart necklines.

Ultimately, once you have identified your body type from the list of five above, you will be in a much better position to choose to clothe that accentuates your best features. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing clothes, but if you have a better idea of what works well for you, you will be able to naturally gravitate over to a certain type of clothes every time you set foot in a mall!