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Website Review – #makeitpersonal

This is a post which can be really helpful for someone who is very confused about getting a gift. I am myself confused at times what to gift during certain occasions like the baby shower, baby’s first birthday, wedding anniversary etc. For people like us, there is one website which helps us find the right gift for any occasion. has for her, for him, for the baby etc are something that holds a special place in our hearts. The event is made memorable with the gifts from


The idea that started Gifts Less Ordinary came to its founder, after the birth of her third child, when her best friend sent her a gift that contained a personalized baby blanket and a pair of shoes with her newborn son’s name embroidered on it. 

“I was so overwhelmed with how beautiful and personal the gift was, it made me realize that we needed these kinds of gifts to be available in Asia and beyond.” – Amy, Founder.

So Gifts Less Ordinary was born, a one-stop marketplace displaying beautiful and unique gifts. Each product featured on the site has been lovingly handpicked to showcase only the most luxurious, bespoke gifting ideas, and with more than five thousand gifts to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect gift to fit any special occasion, be it Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary or Wedding, Gifts Less Ordinary has it covered.

Oh, and last but not least, did we forget to mention, they have just launched a Corporate Gifts version of the site, allowing you to benefit from individually personalized gifts at wholesale prices, with a minimum order quantity as low as 10.

Website Review -
Website Review –

They have a wide range of gifts for everyone, every occasion and have an option of making them personalized too. The one occasion where I get picky is the baby’s first birthday. I get nervous on picking a gift because of too many factors like – the quality, will the baby like it, will the parents like it, how pricey is it, is it cheap, is it harmful etc. So, I want to pick few gifts that can make the best gifts for the baby. 

1.Hooded Grey Marl Star Blanket

This was love at first sight for me. I love the gray and the stars combination. The option of making it personalized based on the baby name, we can choose the font and color of the name that needs to be printed on the blanket. Above all, the fabric is made of cotton which doesn’t cause any irritation on the baby’s skin.

Hooded Grey Marl Star Blanket -
Hooded Grey Marl Star Blanket –

2. Personalized Angel Wings Robe

This is a perfect loungewear for any baby. I adore the little baby angel wings that are attached to the back, I can’t stop imagining a baby girl wearing this 🙂

Personalized Angel Wings Robe -
Personalized Angel Wings Robe –

3. Personalized Grey Elephant Soft Toy

Toys are the best gifts for any baby and I loved how cute this baby elephant looks. I know this will be super soft to touch and I am sure no baby will ever leave this.

Personalized Grey Elephant Soft Toy -
Personalized Grey Elephant Soft Toy –

you can find many more options here – Baby Gifts

Overall, the website is amazing for all the gift options it offers. It has that unique and personal touch for every gift the website has. I may want to gift something for myself because I know what I want to have on my birthday 😀 cheers! 

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