Fat Chance: Invasive vs. Non-Invasive Weight Loss Treatments

Fat Chance: Invasive vs. Non-Invasive Weight Loss Treatments

Summer is here and unless you plan to melt into a pool of sweat, weight loss, stripping down to shorts and t-shirts is becoming more necessary. Though this may sound easy, it is pretty daunting for the more body conscious among us. Exercise and a healthy diet are prerequisites for a healthy body. However, there has been rising demand for other, alternative options to help in the quest to shift an inch or two from the waist.

Several longstanding, surgical solutions cater to this need. A liposuction is a form of cosmetic surgery which removes fat from various areas the body to alter its shape. Abdominal etching involves the surgical movement and contouring of stomach fat. Then there’s abdominoplasty more commonly referred to as a “tummy tuck”. These procedures are all invasive, costly and run the risk of complications. Risks range from severe to life-threatening, or even fatal. Patients can expect to undergo a general anesthetic and be temporarily incapacitated during postoperative recovery. Severe bruising and inability to lift heavy objects are inconvenienced. Not to mention pain and general discomfort. Recovery time can range from four weeks to six months. Then patients will always have the inevitable scar which accompanies medical surgery.

Considering the cons that come with invasive surgery, it is not surprising that the popularity of alternatives is on the rise. But can you expect similarly effective results, from non-invasive cosmetic surgical procedures?

Enter cryo lipolysis, more commonly referred to as “fat freezing treatment”. This method of fat reduction has drawn considerable attention over the past couple of years. It claims to reduce the presence of “stubborn fats” by inches.

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How It Works:

“Stubborn fat”, or fatty adipose tissue, lies close to the surface of the skin. A professional fully qualified clinician targets this area with a handheld freezing device. This cools the area to subzero temperatures. The body temperature is only lowered enough to destroy the fat cells without damaging any surrounding tissues.

The damaged fat cells break down and start to leave the body through the patient’s lymphatic system. This is a naturally occurring process and is usually employed by the body when disposing of fat.

The patient should begin to see changes in the shape of the targeted area within just seventy minutes. However, the full process takes fifteen to twenty days. After this point, all destroyed fat cells while have exited the body. Any damaged cells cannot reform once removed from the body. Remember, it is important that you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle to maintain your new body shape.

Though treatment isn’t cheap, per say, it is much better value for money than invasive procedures. One treatment will set you back around $500, a course of two around $900 and further reductions on further treatments. Manual methods of weight loss are very pricey. 

Side Effects and Recovery

This is where cryo lipolysis trumps all other methods. The entire experience is painless. There is no bruising or scarring, and there are currently no noted circumstances of any side effects after six months of treatment.

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