Essential Link Building Strategies 2018

Essential Link Building Strategies 2018

It’s 2018 and many forms of digital marketing, such as link building and SEO are becoming the backbone of most companies marketing plans. 77% of Americans spend at least some time online on a daily basis, so reaching this audience is extremely important. Studies show that link building is one of the most important factors for ranking websites in search engine results. Link building is defined as the act of increasing the number of high-quality inbound links to a website in order to improve its ranking on search engine result pages. This makes link building a vital part of the search engine optimization process and digital marketing as a whole. 

Essential Link Building Strategies 2018 SEO Basics
Essential Link Building Strategies 2018 SEO Basics

There are various strategies one can employ when trying to link build and a variety of ways to go about the process. Here are some of the essential link building strategies you should follow in 2018.

SEO Firms

One of the easiest ways to handle link building content is to allow a dedicated SEO firm to handle the process. Typically an SEO firm will handle all responsibilities relating to digital marketing, including link building. These firms will offer many link building services such as content creation and getting in touch with influencers to link to your website. This is very convenient as it allows your company to focus on other forms of marketing while an SEO firm handles link building. However, like any strategy, this strategy has its weaknesses. This strategy is typically much more expensive than undergoing link building by yourself, as hiring SEO firms typically aren’t cheap. In addition, you will be making an investment that you will not see returns on until further down the road as it typically takes several months before you see results.

Guest Blogging

If you don’t feel like splurging and spending some of your marketing budgets on an SEO firm, then you’re going to have to link build yourself. One of the most effective strategies for self-link building is guest blogging. Guest blogging is when you write content on similar blogs that involve your industry. In exchange for your content, a link can be placed in your content that links back to your website. Having these links from guest blogging allow your content to be seen by more people while at the same time builds links that increase your search engine results. Guest blogging does not have an extremely large price tag either, as you can realistically produce all of the required content internally. After the content is produced you just need to find influencers and bloggers that will host your content.

Replace Broken Links

Another easy way to link building is to search for broken links on industry blogs. The concept is that dated blogs and articles typically contain links that no longer work. Once you find these links that no longer work you can contact the author with a proposal. You can offer to fix their broken link by replacing it with one that links back to you. This can be very beneficial as it allows you to link build without having to create new content. However, it can be tedious searching through old industry blogs trying to find broken links. This way, you run the risk of not finding enough broken links to satisfy your link building needs.

Research Competitor’s Links

One of the more effective ways to link building is to search who or what is linking to your competitors. Chances are your competitor has backlinks from sites that don’t link to you, which opens up opportunities for your business. Find out who is linking to your competitor and get in contact with them. If they are already linking to sites in the local business listing, then chances are they would be interested in your business too. This is to build relationships with influencers who can post your content and link back to you.