Don’t Be Immune To Change: Tweaks You Can Make For A Healthy Lifestyle

Don’t Be Immune To Change: Tweaks You Can Make For A Healthy Lifestyle

To state the obvious, none of us like to get ill. Sometimes we may enjoy the attention that is lavished on us, and the extra time in bed. But both of those can soon become suffocating, and we miss being able to do things so easily. And we go to great lengths to hold off the symptoms when we are ill. We do what we can to avoid being exposed to illness. We don’t take needless risks with our health. Don’t Be Immune To Change: Tweaks You Can Make For A Healthy Lifestyle

Don't Be Immune To Change: Tweaks You Can Make For A Healthy Lifestyle
Don’t Be Immune To Change: Tweaks You Can Make For A Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes, though, we do still get ill and have to accept that we are. We’ll grab whatever medication is to hand, get the rest we need and eat the right things. And we’ll accept any health going. But what too many people don’t realize is that your immune system is always as strong as you allow it to be. Giving yourself the chance to fight off illness is dependent on a healthy immune system – and it will also mean when you do get ill, it’s not for as long.

A lot of the information we already know about fighting off colds and flu is pretty standard. Wear warm clothes when it’s cold, don’t sit around with wet hair, that kind of thing. But what you do, every day is essential in building a strong immune system. The more you do to build it up, the more help it will give you when you really need it.

Keep Your Vices Under Control

Without wanting to sound puritanical, your body will punish you for a lot of vices. At least, you will miss out on the rewards you get for behaving well. We all know about the health issues caused directly by smoking. Anyone who buys cigarettes at all these days sees direct confirmation of that harm. And if you drink alcohol, your body has an immediate feedback system that lets you know if you went too far: the hangover.

Look, as long as you drink in moderation, it’s not going to kill you. But it has two immediate negative effects on immunity. First of all, it creates a nutritional deficit. That means that it uses more nutrients to break it down than it provides, and your body needs those nutrients. Secondly, it prevents white blood cells – which the body uses to fight infection – from multiplying. Giving up alcohol is not easy but visiting a rehab center like the Addiction treatment located in Jacksonville, FL  can help you get over the habit.

Much in the same way, smoking damages the body’s ability to fight infection, and it also kills off antioxidants. The presence of antioxidants in the body makes it better at fighting illness. Along with this, smoking can actually trigger an autoimmune response. People with autoimmune conditions find that their body fights itself. This can have seriously unpleasant effects, including getting sick more often.

Don’t Burn The Candle At Both Ends

The old saying “Early to bed and early to rise keeps a body healthy, wealthy and wise” had a point. In a 24-hour society, the same can be mostly true of late to bed and late to rise. But late to bed and early to rise is still bad news. You need to sleep, and realistically you need between six and seven hours a night. Without that, you don’t even need flu germs to feel wretched. Just being awake will hurt.

It’s not just the quantity of sleep you’re getting that will affect your immune system, though. You need quality sleep, too. Nine hours of fitful, broken sleep is not as good as six of clean, sound sleep. You need to leave your phone in a drawer – no tweeting in bed, it’s not good for you. You need to keep the temperature of the room reasonable – too cold or too hot won’t help. You need to be comfortable.

If you’re always moving around, feel overheated or feel like the bed is lumpy, your sleep will be affected. And it’s during sleep that your body runs repairs, including replenishing things like blood cells. Make sure your mattress is not too hard or too soft. This guide to Tempur mattresses by John Ryan by Design has some useful information on making the best choice.

Exercise Your Right To Feel Better

The first time you go to the gym, you lean over with your hands on your knees and say “This was supposed to make me feel better!” Then you collapse from exhaustion. The truth is that a lot of us leave the gym behind after that because we associate it with pain. But the more you exercise, the easier it becomes.

Typically, running a mile a day for a year will see you cutting your time down, running faster each time. But that is not the only thing that gets faster. The antibodies that work in your immune system will also get a lease of life and provide you with a real boost when battling infections. The more you exercise, the more your immune system will strengthen.

Your Garden Is A Miracle

As well as being the potential source of healthy foods such as kale, peppers, and garlic, your garden can have other benefits. Not least the fact that getting out there and digging will be the useful exercise. But on top of that, getting your hands in the soil and getting exposure to the bacteria it contains. Studies have shown that what’s on the ground has beneficial effects on a par with some medications.

It’s believed that the microbes in soil cause a boost to the mechanism that carries nerve messages to our brains. As well as having a positive effect on people with depression, signs are that it is a powerful boost to our immune systems. It gives us, simultaneously, the will to fight and the tools for that battle. Plus you might see a squirrel, and that’s always a boost to your day.

There are other things you can do to keep your immune system working well. Nutrition is always important, and foods such as garlic, onions, and peppers can work wonders. As can spice such as turmeric and cinnamon. So it makes sense to get as much sleep and exercise as possible, eat well and avoid polluting your body. You’ll get ill less, and have the strength to fight it when you do.