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Hair lacks volume? Give Your Locks Some Va-Va-Voom By Making These Changes!

No Volume? Give Your Locks Some Va-Va-Voom By Making These Changes!

I think we all have days where we look in the mirror and wish we had voluminous hair. And although you can buy some great volumizing hair products, it never goes as beautiful as you want it. However, there are some lifestyle changes you can make to add some life to your hair. Here are some changes you should make to give your locks some much-needed va-va-voom!

Hair lacks volume? Give Your Locks Some Va-Va-Voom By Making These Changes!
Does hair lack volume? Give Your Locks Some Va-Va-Voom By Making These Changes!

Consume more nutrients
Eating a bad diet can cause your hair to suffer. After all, your hair needs nutrients to enable it to stay thick and healthy. Therefore, to ensure your hair has plenty of volumes, you need to start consuming more nutritious foods. As this feature explains, you want a well-balanced diet full of vitamins. You can get these from consuming plenty of fruit and vegetables which are perfect for keeping your hair shiny. If you are struggling to get all the essential vitamins in your daily meals, you could always look at adding supplements. That way, you will get all the vital nutrients you need to ensure you have beautiful hair every day!

Time to quit smoking
A lot of people know about the effects of smoking on your health. After all, it can put you at risk for lung cancer. But you might not know that smoking can also damage your hair. Smoking on a regular basis can cause your hair to thin and even fall out. Therefore, if your locks are looking weak, it could be down to your bad habit. Therefore, you should quit smoking. As it can be a challenge to give up entirely, you might want to switch to vaping. It can reduce your stress without damaging your beautiful hair. 

Protect your hair in the sun
Despite the fact a lot of us put suntan lotion on our face and body, we tend to forget about our hair. But our hair can easily get damaged in the sun. In fact, UV rays can damage the strength of your hair. Prolonged UV exposure causes brittle hair! Therefore, you need to find a conditioner which has built-in sunscreen. And get a floppy hat to ensure your hair stays protected in the sunshine!

Go for short hair
I think we all want beautiful long locks. But it isn’t always the best for hair. For one thing, it can be harder to ensure it stays in excellent condition. And when it’s longer, it’s often weighed down by the length which can cause it to become thin. Therefore, you should consider going for a shorter cut to give your hair some life. And with celebs like Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson rocking short locks, it will give you some inspiration for your new haircut!

And remember to make sure you give your hair a break from your hot hairdryer and straighteners. Both of these can cause damage to your hair, so avoid using them every single day!