Changing Vs Acceptance – What’s in for You

Changing Vs Acceptance – What’s in for You

Changing vs Acceptance – when it comes to assessing how we feel about ourselves and our bodies, many people hold different beliefs about how it’s best approached. Some people enjoy the validity-inspiring message of “ accepting yourself at all costs “. Some people, most people concerned with health and fitness, will recommend a better diet or an exercise regimen to help you work on your body in a way that fosters pride and ambition.

What works for one person may not work for another, but that begs the question, which is more important? Accepting yourself, or changing yourself? Well, depending on who you are and how your body is, the answer could be wildly different. However, that doesn’t mean that same solution to the question can’t ultimately be similar.

We’d like to explore the benefits and negatives of both, as well as providing you with our take on the whole endeavor. Hopefully, this should help some of you struggling with similar questions and issues come to some form of inner resolution.

Changing Vs Acceptance - What's in for You
source Changing Vs Acceptance – What’s in for You

Accepting Yourself

Accepting yourself is the bedrock of change. However, sometimes it’s not enough. There are many health issues and indulgent habits that are only fostered and fed by accepting it as part of you. Someone who chronically overeats will likely not be helped by simply accepting their situation. They must focus on building new habits to live a better and healthier life, one they actually enjoy living.

All of the self-acceptance in the world can’t replicate the enjoyment and pride felt during a life of healthy living and good dietary decisions. However, accepting doesn’t always necessarily mean condoning. There are multiple levels of acceptance. Seeing yourself truly how you are and allowing yourself to change from that point is much easier than pretending that nothing is wrong. Then, you’re simply following a self-help routine out of duty. You are much likely to see something through if you look in the mirror and see no enemy, and for some people, that’s a real issue.

Changing Yourself

Changing yourself is a vital part of life. We all adapt, improvise and overcome issues in our lives and meet the challenge that comes with that. The growth of anything involves some form of external stress. As Charles Darwin said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” For this reason, you should never feel that changing yourself is at odds with accepting yourself.

Accepting yourself in a new form is a great way to consider things. It’s the root of goal setting and achievement. For example, if you’re interested in working on your physique, a diet, healthy exercise is the way. Even body laser sculpting can give you the keys to experiencing a body you have always wanted. If you had accepted your previous body as simply ‘who you are,’ you might never have known the satisfaction and enjoyment you are currently facing as someone who conquered their demons. In conclusion, life is a struggle for value. Either we stagnate, or we grow.

Accepting yourself is of profound benefit, but it is never the end of the dialogue, it is the start of it. It should allow for you to identify what you’d like to experiment and change about yourself. It should also allow for you to identify what you’d like to experiment and change about yourself.

While it feels difficult to suggest that you should always look for something different, that doesn’t mean you should take this as ‘you should never feel satisfied. However, growing in your hobbies, interests and potential goals can help life move forward, can help you prioritize the things most important to you, and can help you look after your health.No human lives in a static state, and making a little progress in something each day is a fundamental component of healthy mental functioning.

Final Words:

With a careful balance between accepting and changing yourself, who knows what you could achieve.