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Best Amazon Skincare Finds – January 2019

Best Amazon Finds – January 2019

I have started this a while back but never really continued doing it. I feel bad about that. But, good thing is that I think I am back on track with the blog and I want to update the blog at least twice a week. January is gone but not before I share some amazing Amazon finds.

These products are bought by me and no way sponsored.

The following products are somethings that I totally loved using and I would love to recommend these to everyone.

1.Korean Bath Towels

Never thought that I would bump into something like this on Amazon as I always thought that I get Korean Skincare products only on the Korean website. Luckily, Amazon had these and I didn’t think twice to place the order.

Am I surprised? Oh Yeah! I can’t even explain how much I want to recommend these. These bath towels totally helped with my ingrown hair, exfoliating my body. You will notice a big difference with just a single use.

These are so cheap that I guess everyone needs to own these.

2. Amazon Basics Tripod

I had one tripod but I missed a screw or something which totally made it useless. Anyway, on my lookout for a new Tripod, I found this one. This one from Amazon Basics and had many reviews and the height was perfect for me. I  wanted to try this before I ignore purchasing it or invest money on something pricier. 

The tripod works for me perfectly and I would totally recommend this to anyone who is a beginner/intermediate level.

3. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Gel Facial Wash

January was so so colder than expected in Omaha. My skin couldn’t take the cold weather nor fight the excess oil produced by my skin. Between all the confusion, I got pimples here and there and all I used was this face wash. If you follow me on my Instagram , you will know how much I loved using this face wash. I would totally recommend this to anyone who has oily skin or sudden acne.

4.LUV LUV Real Milky Strawberry Face Masks

Never heard about this brand, but the packaging was too cute to ignore. The pack has 5 sheet masks and these are one amazing sheet masks. These are made of all natural ingredients. The 2-step skincare routine is perfect for anyone who is lazy to do the 10-step skincare but still want to have good skin. The masks have 2 other variants apart from the milky strawberry, Milky Banana and Milky White. 

5. The Ordinary Peeling Solution 30ml AHA 30% + BHA 2%

I am obsessed with the Ordinary skincare and I can’t wait to share my list of products from them. Out of all their products, if it is one product that you want to use and nothing else, it will be this. Hands Down ! the peel does wonders with just one use and using it once a week improved my skin’s texture a lot.

I hope you like the series. I try to post every month with my favorites.

Best Amazon Finds - January 2019
Best Amazon Finds – January 2019

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