Beauty Sleep – Why it is important

Beauty Sleep – Why it is important

Hey girlies.. how was March? I am updating this blog post from Hyderabad, India. I am on a vacation here and enjoying the super hot summers. Apart from the amazing food made by my mom, there is one thing that is totally disturbing me: The SLEEP, my share of Beauty Sleep. I have had jetlag for the first couple of days but I am unable to sleep more than 4 hours a day.

That’s when I understood that sleeping for at least 6 hours is not only good for your health but it enhances beauty.

Beauty Sleep - Why it is important. Beauty Sleep – Why it is important.

Working full time itself is very tiring, I only take a vacation once every year and all I need is good sleep. I know it happens with a lot of people. I did my research before I put down these below points.


Meditating is an open secret to support better health, good sleep and many more. Meditate 5 minutes before hitting the bed. You can also meditate once you are in bed. Just do it before sleeping. Most of the times, chances are you will be sleep by the 3rd minute of meditation.

Good bed

Nothing can disturb our sleep like an ill-fitted bed. Invest in a good quality bed to have the required rest. Don’t give in for deals. There are some things that need to be chosen wisely like this ghost bed which is perfect for stomach sleepers.

Tea/Milk as a part of your beauty sleep routine

My mom used to make me drink warm milk with a pinch of turmeric before I sleep when I was a kid. Today, everyone else follows it by calling it golden milk, moon milk, etc. Sometimes when I am too lazy to boil milk and all, I will have chamomile tea which enhances better sleep.

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Stay off of the electronics

Be it a laptop, phone for me, its the phone. The phone and it’s light are harmful to the eyes in the night. Also, turning it off and putting it away helps the brain to get some good rest.

With all these points, I am only trying to say that beauty sleep is important. It can be achieved by not having any distractions from an hour you plan to sleep.

Have a great sleep, ladies 🙂