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Bamboo Eau De Parfum Spray For Women Review

Bamboo Eau De Parfum Spray For Women Review 

About the product:
Bamboo for women is an exclusive fragrance sold by Fragrance Outlet which was launched by Franck Olivier in the year 2012, inspired by the bamboo plant, an Eastern symbol. This fragrance is available in glass flacons accompanied by a trendy bamboo relief stem, carrying light pink liquid that symbolises freshness.

Bamboo Eau De Parfum Spray For Women Review
Bamboo Eau De Parfum Spray For Women Review

Details of the SCENT:
Top notes: Blackcurrant, violet leaves, ivy
Middle notes: Lily, rose, ylang-ylang, freesia
Base notes: Musk, cedar, and vetiver
Price & Quantity:
2.5oz for $72.99 (currently on discount if you use the code VAL25) and you can buy it on Fragrance Outlet Website


I love perfumes (who is not). Being a woman, I love when I smell good and I always want to smell good. I can’t stop myself from trying out new fragrances just because I want to experiment with the variety of scents and at times, I would like to match my outfit/occasion and the suitable perfume.
I do not like the musky scent as I find it too strong for my nose. I personally prefer mild smell which has notes of flowers and fruits. Coming to the BAMBOO EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY, the packaging is splendid. It looks super classy on my vanity table. The bottle is travel-friendly(I have taken it along with me on my recent trip). What more? well, I am missing to describe how I like the smell and the main feature of a perfume – longevity.
The perfume as the name may suggest bamboo, there is nothing really related to bamboo tree 😛 It has a super nice blend of flowers, cedar wood, vetiver etc. The musk in this perfume do not really smell so harsh but gently blended with the other scents. The longevity of the perfume is great. I didn’t use those beauty bloggers hacks like applying vaseline on the area and then spray but the perfume alone stood out strong for over 9 hours. I am pretty happy with the aspect of staying power.
I have tried using vaseline petroleum jelly when using it, and it increased the staying power by 2 more hours.
When I say the staying power, the perfume does not really leave the skin but it does smell nice but the intensity is reduced.
Overall, the BAMBOO EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY has become my Go-To perfume these days. No wonder, it has become my signature scent.

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