5 Things to do in Miami – My Experience

5 Things to do in Miami – My Experience

It was last year when we(me and my husband) decided to visit Florida on a 10-day long vacation. It wasn’t a sudden trip but we didn’t really plan on having a very lazy leisure vacation. It was the Christmas time and Miami was at its best I felt. Read on to know the reasons why I loved Miami and also check my list of top 5 things to do in Miami.

5 things to do in Miami
5 things to do in Miami

South Beach, Miami, FL

No doubt in naming the South Beach, Miami as the most famous beach in Florida. It has the city vibes, people are great and it is stunning. However, chose a time when there will be less crowd. When we visited it, it was overcrowded. We stayed in a very classy hotel which had its very own private beach but the hotel was almost full too. So, plan wisely – I guarantee that you will enjoy the Miami vibes. Also, can’t ignore the marine drive. Don’t forget the sunscreen.


Ignore your routine food and try the Cuban food. Being Indian, I was desperate to try the Indian cuisine available there but I also wanted to try something local which I don’t usually get in the midwest. Hands down, Cuban food was the best choice ever.

I have some pictures shared on my Instagram – click the links below..

South Beach, Miami

Star Island, Miami

Celebrity Mansions

I know a lot of celebrities live in Miami or at least own a mansion in Miami as their Guesthouse. I couldn’t stop thinking over the growth in Miami Real Estate. There is this place called Star Island, which is known for the celebrity mansions. We have taken a relaxing boat tour where the guide showed us the famous houses owned by the celebrities, Miami Skyline, Miami Beach Marina, Biscayne Bay and many others. It was a fun 60-minute trip.

Key West – Florida Keys

I love water sports and I always wanted to try snorkeling. I never really traveled on a yacht and I admit the fact that I hated it. I think it is called sea-sickness. Anyway, apart from the sickness, I just loved the drive from Miami to Key West. It was way too beautiful for the pictures. It is a single lane road and has water on both the sides. Just a super cool experience. As expected, water sports were super fun too.


Last but the least, Miami has almost all the brands’ stores. I could totally spend a million just on shopping( only if I had the money) lol. But, had a great time checking the high-end brands and I did buy a pair of shoes and handbag.

Finally, Miami, I love you. You will always have a special place in my heart 🙂 <3